Artemis Breakout Forex

Artemis Breakout has the ability to be easily adjusted when time comes and market conditions change from strong trends to sideways and back. No other expert is so flexible or able to meet such challenging conditions.

It will lock profits while still letting the trade run for maximum gains, without worrying about your trade turning against you and loose your profits.
The expert will manage your trades successfully. It takes care of ALL the stages of a trade.

Specific entry points, take profit levels, trailing stops and exits are automatically set up, based on your initial settings, preferences and trading style and risk tolerance.

An alert will sound or an email will be sent, telling when to trade if you wish to trade manually for any reason. It can also send an email every time a trade is entered, closed and secured, giving you all the trade’s details if you are away from your pc.

You can set the expert to trade during specific time, avoiding low range sideways market and also restrict it to trade during high volatility News events.

The expert is designed for MT4 (Metatrader) trading platform and it can be used with any of the many brokers supporting that platform, any account type and any lot size.